Photography 2010 Recap

Westcoast Wheel

In terms of photography I had a great year, probably my favourite year of photography to date. It started off with a picturesque New Year’s Day snowfall shoot while I was in the UK. The Olympics followed along soon after, with the once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities it provided. Later in the year I was featured on the Flickr blog for one of my Abbotsford Airshow shots. The Canadian F1GP was amazing and Oktoberfest in Leavenworth was surprisingly photogenic! In addition to the travel, I finally picked up an external flash and started experimenting.

It’s interesting looking at Flickr stats. Some of my favourite shots have the lowest number of views. The Lancaster bomber shot that was on the Flickr blog is interesting for its subject matter, but to me it’s one of the less visually interesting pictures in that set. My favourite picture of the year only has 78 views, and one of my other favourites only 28! And despite some pretty cool (in my opinion) F1 action shots, one of the most popular pictures in that set is of the grid girls :)

Grid Girls

'One of Dave's best shots of the year!' - The public

Sadly I expect 2011 to be a lot more subdued. I don’t have much spare cash for travelling, and I’m going to be extremely busy at work for much of the year. I’ll have to keep it up as best I can in the time I have, and try to come up with ideas that I can act on locally, without requiring travel or an event to provide me with interesting subjects.

So happy New Year everyone, and I’ll leave you with my favourite picture I took during 2010. It’s not perfect – I could edit more detail into the flames from some bracketed shots – but I like it best and that’s the only criteria I’m judging on :)

Olympic Torch

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