Muse at the Pacific Coliseum, April 1st 2010

I’ve been a Muse fan for a couple of years now, getting into them quite late when I found some random Youtube video with a kicking soundtrack that happened to be “Map of the Problematique” from Black Holes and Revelations. Since then I’ve listened to most of their other albums and was super-happy last year when they announced their first Vancouver concert since 2004! Last night was finally time for the gig, and it didn’t disappoint!

We had really good seats, maybe 60 feet from the stage right at ground level in row 1. Pacific Coliseum used to be where the Canucks played, and our seats were actually in one of the the bullpens.

The support band was the Silversun Pickups, who despite a bit of a crappy sound mix I thought were pretty good. After they’d finished their set there almost 45 minutes went by before the headliners finally made their appearance, but when they did it was more than worth the wait. The lights went down and the 40ft tall video towers came on, with a display of figures endlessly climbing stairs. Then the covers around them dropped, “Uprising” kicked in and Muse appeared!

It was an amazing concert, Matt Bellamy especially was on top form and the light show was incredible. During “Plugin Baby” they dropped inflatable eyes from the ceiling; when they popped while people bounced them around, ticker tape and glitter showered out.

All in all, a fantastic show and well worth waiting for (although don’t leave it another 6 years please!). This is the last shot I took all night (on my iPhone, didn’t have another camera with me) while the band were saying their goodbyes.

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